Manufactured since 2007 - More than 800 users global.
In 2020 we continue to set the standard for SCX Digital interface.
This original SCX digital USB interface can pick up the SCX-data from your SCX track and translate them into data that can be read by a PC.  
The original USB interface is a small microprocessor controled interface with advanced software inside. It can be mounted under your SCX track. Easy to install. Only a red and a black wire has to be mounted to the rails under your track. The USB interface is powered from the USB port of your PC. The USB interface is supported by the PC Lap Counter and SCX-D RMS race management program.
It is recomended that the interface are mounted as close to the control box as possible. Drill a 3 mm hole in the side of the track for the LED to monitor the interface status, and mount the interface with a hot gun glue. A FTDI USB cable (not included) will fit between the interface and a USB port in your PC.
You also need a FTDI TTL to USB cable.  You can order the FTDI cable direct from the manufactorer here: TTL-232R-5V  
Your PC will find the drivers for the cable automatic. If not... Get  the drivers for the cable here. Get the driver installation guide for the FTDI cable here.
SCX-D USB interface 320DKK~43Euro The FTDI cable are not included.
40DKK~5Euro Standard Post & packing. With standard post and packing, there are no insurance. We pack and post it.
360DKK ~ 48Euro
You MUST enter a valid e-mail address when you order! After we receive your order, we vill send you an e-mail including the post address we ship the interface to, and a date for shipment. This is your chance to correct the post address if we got it wrong.  If you have any question, please contact me. The interface are manufactored and shipped from Denmark
Add on service: Shipping insurance.
(100DKK~13Euro) If a interface get lost in the mail , we DO ship one new for free.
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PC race programs working with the interface
SCX-digital Race Manage Program
PC Lap Counter
There have been some attempts to develop a interface using the popular Arduino circuit board. The Arduino are made to be easy to play with - not to be a fast processor !! There are no way a Arduino will be fast enough to process and translate all the data from the SCX Digital track, and this will result in a lot of data errors. It is a wery frustrating experience when data is missing during a race.
In the original SCX-digital interface, the programming is done using machincode programming. The data processing is then up to 25 times faster than in a Arduino, and the interface is able to process data pulses down to 1 microseconds.