SCX digital Lane Change in wood

  Here is my idea of how to make a lane change in wood.
(router is making a 3mm slot)


Make a template, and fix the track with 2 bolts.


Mark the lenght and center of the lane change.


Make 4 reference holes for the router. 2 at the beginning and 2 at the end of the lanechange. Important: all 4 holes must have the same distance to the slot.


Make a slot from the start of the lane change, to center.


And three more, using the other reference holes.


Drill two 3mm holes in the entry end of both slots, throught the track.


Remove the two bolts, put the track underneath the template, without turning it. Fasten the track with the two bolts from underneath.


Turn it all upside down, and locate the two 3mm holes.


Fix the router in one of the router reference holes at the entry side of the lane change. Increase the router radius by 3mm, relative to the 3mm hole.


Make 2 slots, lenght about 8-9cm and depth 9mm


Remove the template and put in a premade 3mm thick, 8-9cm long acryl plate into the slot.


Adjust the acryl plate up and down, until the lane change works.


Put coppertape on the track like this.


Now you have to connect wires to the tape


Take care not to mix the wires


And seal the solder points